Dozier Elementary School Teacher a Class Act

Bethany Hall feels right at home at Dozier Elementary School, she should, because years ago that's where she went to school.    "I just had such a great experience with the teachers and faculty, it's just like a home," Hall said.

Ms. Halll has been in the classroom for 4-years.   She teachers kindergarten at Dozier Elementary in Montgomery and she's this week's Class Act.

One parent says Ms. Hall does whatever it takes to help the kids feel like they're number 1.   You can tell she loves her kids.  "Everyday it's just exciting and hilarious, they just come down the hallway ready to learn."    The learning is a little different that it was when she went here.    "Everyday is challenging, we don't do as much playing as we did when I was here, I have a classroom full of readers who enjoy learning."

And you can tell they enjoy her classroom.  Ms. Bethany Hall from Dozier Elementary School, you're this week's Class Act.