Free Valentine's jewelry to the unemployed

Employment might not be forever, but diamonds are...
Employment might not be forever, but diamonds are...

A St. Petersburg, Florida jewelry store is making it easier for people struggling in this economy to get a gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day.

Diamonds Direct has been in business in St. Petersburg for nearly 25 years.

The owner has always been charitable, but this Valentine's Day he's outdone himself.

"Eight percent of the people don't have jobs, 92 per cent of the people do have jobs, so we still are busy enough to sell to that 92 per cent, but that eight per cent that are not, we are not going to see them this year for Valentines," explained Gary Sanchez.  "I figured we could give them their Valentine's gift."

That's just what he is doing, giving away $99 dollar silver pendants, free with no strings attached, to anyone who shows they've lost their job or that they're being foreclosed on.

That way, people who otherwise couldn't afford a gift can give their significant other a present this Valentine's Day.

So far, just a few people have heard about the giveaway.

49-year-old John Steele, out of work since November, came all the way from Brandon to get a free gift for his wife of 25 years.

"This was a good opportunity to please my wife on Valentine's day, an important day, and hopefully make her happy, and if took a couple of hours of my day, so be it," he said.  "It'll be worth it."

At a time when some people are selling jewelry to pay bills, Sanchez wanted to open his heart.

"This way those people who can't afford to buy anything this year can still come in and get something very nice and give to their loved ones," he said.

As news about this promotion spreads, the store expects that interest is going to be picking up considerably.

The store plans to give away 100 pendants.