Guest Editorial: United We Stand

The year 2009 began with an air of hope and high expectations, with the election of this nation's first black president.

The month of February is recognized as black history month, and many will continue to celebrate this accomplishment by an African American man.

Yet, as we reflect on the successes and contributions by African Americans we must also applaud the many white Americans and/or other ethnicities that played vital roles in the advancement of African Americans.

Many made personal sacrifices and even risked their lives so that the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could become reality.

This same spirit of allegiance and unity should illuminate through our churches, neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

For we, as a people, are faced with many decisions, challenges, and socio/economic issues that will determine our future.

It is only through a united front that all of these can be addressed.

Decisions like; selecting leaders that have vision and who are apt to lead in this tough economy, the challenge of making our schools a safer and more productive environment for our children, social and economic issues like how to attract outside businesses that would provide jobs and revenue for our cities, or how can we bring life and vigor back to the decaying parts of our cities.

Let's continue to use the momentum from this year's election, as well as black history month, as a springboard to launch us into a brighter tomorrow.

Not just as African Americans or White Americans but as United Americans.

Calvin Johnson