Pintlala parents consider options after vote to close school

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It was the talk of campus: The Montgomery School Board's vote to close Pintlala Elementary. "I cried," said Jessica Hines.

The school system's plan would move the Pintlala students next school year to Dunbar-Ramer Elementary - more than 20 miles away. Many parents say that's not an option. Franklin Anders plans to take his children out of the public school system. "We will do home school," he said.

Hines is looking into private schools. She says, "There is no way I am shipping my children 20 miles to Dunbar-Ramer."

At nearby Hooper Academy, Headmaster John Niblett has already heard from Pintlala parents interested in transferring to his school and expects more to come. "If we can do anything to help these families and recruit them to our school, we will do whatever we can," Niblett told WSFA 12 News.

For now, the students will finish out the school year at Pintlala and parents continue to cling  to hope somehow the board will change it's decision. "Pintlala is one of the best schools in Montgomery county; I hate to see it close," said Anders.

In response to parents saying they will take their children out of the public school system, Schools Spokesperson Tom Salter said they would love for them to remain, but have the right to do that.