Sales Tax Revenue numbers in

The Capital City's economy is still hurting.  The struggling economy is taking a toll on sales tax revenue in Montgomery.  For the first time four months of the fiscal year, October thru January, sales taxes are down 10%.  Sales taxes make up a little less than half of the city's total budget.  That means overall, the city is running about five percent behind.  In dollars and cents, that is a decrease of between five and six million dollars.

Despite the decrease, Interim Mayor Charles Jinright says he hopes it will end soon. "We will be working on a way we're going to adjust our budget and adjust our spending. Hopefully somewhere we're in the last of it, in the last six months of it, by fall it will be back, we'll be out of it. That's our hope. If it's not, then we'll have a different reaction," says Jinright.  City leaders will meet next week to discuss which budget cuts to make.