Toll Road bill passes House

A bill that passed in the house Thursday, could lead to more roads and highways being built in Alabama, but get ready to pay more to travel them.  The bill will established a toll road authority or board to connect private companies and the state to build more toll roads.

According to the bill, existing highways cannot be turned into toll roads.  Toll roads will have to be built and one toll road that's been talked about would connect I-85 to I-10 in Florida.  Others have mentioned like possibly the Outer Loop becoming a toll road.

Not everyone in the house thinks that's a good idea.  One representative says he doesn't trust those public-private relationships.  Representative Barry mask says he's found the privat companies will sometimes build a toll road just to lead to one of their own businesses. "These toll roads that you build are actually optional roads.  They do not have to travel those.  They could continue on, let's say if we have a two lane highway, they could continue to go down the two lane highway or they would have an option of a four lane toll," says Representative Barry Mask.  "Some of these companies come in here.  They don't listen to the people.  Private companines that we have seen in Elmore and Montgomery with the two toll bridges here.  They don't really care about the people, " says Representative Terry Spicer.

Represenative Mask says he wants to get the bill changes in the senate so toll roads aren't there just to benefit the private company.