Local bank thrives while nationwide giant corporate banks fail.

Selma, Ala. (WSFA) -- Nationwide giant corporate banks are struggling to keep customers and their doors open.

However in Selma a local bank is thriving with what they call an old fashioned approach.

First Cahawba Bank sums up their mind set with their slogan, banking the way it should be.

First Cahawba BAnk doesn't need bailing out.  "We started at a time we have no bad assets on our books so we have money to lend and as a matter of fact we have no past dues," said Kelly Jones, CEO of First Cahawba Bank.

With $11 million dollars in assets the banks directors took a leap a faith.  Since then they've grown that figure to over $50 million dollars.

"We haven't lost a single customer," explained Jones.

Customers say doing business locally saves them money and provides a trust that can't be measured.

"It's the way banking used to be," says Holland Powell, a customer.

The banks directors say they were feed up with big corporate banks and wanted to return to their roots; providing customers with the personal banking the want.

The bank is hoping with their success they can expand throughout central Alabama.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis