Carmichael convicted of capital murder

A jury convicted a Montgomery man Friday of capital murder.  Leon Carmichael, Junior was accused fo fatally shooting Judge Rodrigues Jackson in May 2006.

Attorney General Troy King's Office presented evidence from four eyewitnesses who saw Carmichael shoot and kill Jackson in front of the victim's grandmother's home in the 400 block of Troy Street in Montgomery.  Carmichael came to the grandmother's home, where Jackson was seated in the car of an acquaintance.  Carmichael argued with Jackson and as Jackson was getting out of the vehicle, Carmichael shot him twice, once in the neck, and once in the shoulder. Jackson, who was 28, died on the scene shortly afterward. Testimony indicated the dispute may have been over personal and financial matters.

At the time he murdered Jackson, Carmichael was on parole, having been released from prison seven months earlier for a 1991 murder. Because Carmichael was on parole for a previous murder, his murder of Jackson was a capital offense.  He faces the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole.

"It is my strong recommendation and hope that the judge will impose a sentence of death for this killer," said Attorney General King. "Carmichael has killed before, and given a second chance, he killed again.  His victim's family and friends deserve justice, and our citizens deserve protection from those who repeatedly and without remorse continue to kill."

The case was handled by Attorney General's King's Office at the request of the Montgomery District Attorney's Office due to a possible conflict of interest. Attorney General King commended Deputy Attorney General Will Dill and Assistant Attorney General Andrew Arrington of his Violent Crimes Division, Special Agent Gene Sisson of his Investigations Division, and Doris Hancock of his Victims Service Office. He also thanked Detective Mike Myrick of the Montgomery Police Department.