Wiregrass Newsroom: Florists deal with tight Valentine's budgets

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Valentine's day--it's typically a heavy hitter for most florists.

"Valentine's is one of our most important holidays and the biggest money maker," says Cindy Ferguson, an employee of Buds N' Blossoms in Dothan.

Ferguson says while the shop was busy with nearly 300 deliveries, it's down from the 500 they're used to seeing during Valentine's season. She says flowers aren't tops on the consumer's list this year.

"Flowers are not necessities when it comes to food versus a flower. Our orders, I think have been smaller in number or even the arrangements. Instead of a $75 dollar arrangement, someone may order a $30 dollar arrangement."

It's a drop owners were expecting.

"There was some apprehension. We were a little concerned as to how the economy would affect everything," says Ferguson.

But many florists are seeing the same trend--including William Hart of Harts and Flowers.

"Our plan is to just keep on going. We've been here 32 years and I'm not planning on going out of business," says Hart.

Both shops say one of the things affecting business this year is that Valentine's day falls on a Saturday.

"Most people will go ahead and buy ahead of time and of course the business is there, and as far as business on Saturday, it's less," says Ferguson.

But even though owners are looking at less financially, they're still looking out for you.

"We decided that we would not raise prices if at all possible in order to try to help others," says Ferguson.

"The prices are the same. We're just doing a little less," says Hart.

Despite the shortfall, both say foot-traffic has been steady--just not as profitable as years past.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney