Cement truck crashes in Waugh

A cement truck crashes through a guardrail in Waugh.
A cement truck crashes through a guardrail in Waugh.

WAUGH, AL (WSFA) - A cement truck driver is recovering from injuries he sustained after his truck rolled down a steep embankment Monday afternoon.

The accident happened on the Atlanta Highway right off of Interstate 85 near the Waugh exit.

Bruce Durham missed witnessing the accident by just a few seconds.

"We came around the curve here..." Durham explained, "and saw that this white vehicle [ a security alarm truck with rear-end damage] had stopped in the road... We went down in the embankment and the guy in the truck...said somehow the truck might have shifted, the load might have shifted."

The truck, driven by a man named Eddie Powell, was carrying a load of concrete around a curve when the accident happened. Several witnesses say Powell's truck clipped the security van before breaking a guardrail and rolling into the tree line.

Pinned inside while rescue workers attempted to reach him, Powell complained of chest pains but was conscious and able to move his fingers.

The truck's cab was peeled back like a tuna can. "We had to pull off the top in order to get him..." said Durham.

Powell emerged relatively unscathed and was taken by ambulance a short distance up the road. From there he was taken by helicopter to a local hospital.

Lee Stinson, the Waugh - Mt. Meigs Fire Chief, said he sees crash scenes often but Powell was lucky to be in a major wreck and come out with no broken bones or visible bleeding.

At last check, Powell was in 'fair condition' at Baptist South Hospital.