Dean Road Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Ms. Judy Lockhart from Dean Rd. Elementary School in Auburn.    She's been in the classroom for 23 years, and spent the last 20 years at Dean Road.    "I always talk about back in the day, the kids think anyone older than 30 is ancient, but I really try to use those stories to get them interested in learning,"  Lockhart said.

Ms. Lockhart focuses on the books and things like manners and good social skills.   All her students know about the "Number 5" rule.    "Instead of saying be quiet johnny I go 3,4,  5, and they know by the time I get to 5 they better be quiet.   I give them respect and I demand respect."

Her system seems to work like a charm.  Many of her past students, including some famous alumni come back to say hi.     "They say Ms. Lockhart, you have visitor in the office, I never know who it is, I thought Demarcus Ware here."

Whether its teaching future NFL stars or molding future community leaders, she's doing a great job and she's this week's Class Act.