President Obama in Colorado for stimulus bill signing

President Obama is headed to Denver, Colorado to sign his economic stimulus plan.

In the city where he accepted his party's nomination less than six months ago, Obama has chosen to showcase the historic bill in a state where the new energy economy is thriving.

Before the signing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, he's taking a look at the century old building's new system of solar panels.

"Because of the works we've done in creating this new energy economy and creating sustainable job growth we've provided a template for the administration," said Colorado Governor Bill Ritter.

In addition to money for clean energy the bill provides tax cuts and credits that benefit 95% of U.S. families.

It has tax incentives to help with paying for college or a first home.

Unemployment benefits will be increased, and there's money to re-train workers.

The President hopes the stimulus will create more than three million jobs over the next two years.

Critics say it's short on stimulus and requires too much government spending.

Aides say Obama will be traveling more often to sell his economic policies after his successful road trips last week in Indiana, Florida and Illinois.

Next the President will unveil a plan to stop housing foreclosures with federal bailout money, as his western road trip continues to Arizona.