Former Montgomery insurance executive convicted

A jury convicted a former Montgomery insurance executive on Tuesday.  The jury found John Goff guilty of mail fraud, embezzlement and filing a false report with the State Insurance Department.  Goff once owned a company that handled workers compensation insurance, but the government claims Goff took money from clients for coverage, but never sent it to insurance companies.  The defense claims Goff felt the companies owed him money.  "If they owed him money and he owed them money, they could swap it out.  We contended that's what he did because they owed him money.  I'm dissapointed I wasn't able to convince them and show them the clear picture," says Defense Attorney Don Jones.

Defense Attorneys say in civil litigation, Goff paid a $10,000 fine to the state and entered an agreement he would be released from all charges.

Goff's attorneys will appeal.