Evidence Connects Alleged Snipers to Montgomery Murder

For the first time since news broke that Montgomery, Alabama was involved in the Maryland sniper shootings, police confirmed Friday that they believe Lee Malvo and John Muhammad are behind the ABC liquor store shooting on Zelda Road. The shooting September 21st left Claudine Parker dead and Kellie Adams seriously injured. Local prosecutors have charged Muhammad and Malvo with murder and attempted murder.

Montgomery Police Chief John Wilson indicated that a fingerprint found at the ABC store matches Malvo's. And, Montgomery police officer Dwight Johnson instantly chose Muhammad's face out of a photo lineup. "He actually shuddered when he saw the picture and went straight in and said 'that's the guy I saw,'" Wilson explains.

Wilson says someone else also saw the 17-year-old Malvo at a nearby gas station. "He was seen, but not by our officer. He was seen by an independent witness from across the street," the chief says.

Wilson also cleared up several rumors. He says there was no note and no evidence of a stolen credit card as had been reported earlier. And, the weapon used in Montgomery is not the same type that was used in the Washington, D.C. area.

Police in Maryland are confident Muhammad and Malvo are also behind the recent series of sniper shootings. They say a gun found in the suspects' car matches the caliber of the one used in the ten sniper deaths.

A tip to the sniper task force first led authorities to Montgomery. The caller told them to look into the liquor store shooting. Two employees were shot. One of them, Claudine Parker, was killed. The other, Kellie Adams, is recovering from a gunshot wound to her neck.