Pay cuts, furloughs planned at Stillman

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) - Stillman College has announced it will reduce pay and put staff on short-term furloughs to avoid layoffs and allow the Tuscaloosa school to continue operations amid the economic downturn.

Sama Mondeh, vice president of fiscal affairs, said he expects many of the changes to last through August.

According to a news release reported Wednesday by The Tuscaloosa News, the campus-wide salary cuts will be based on pay, with salaries at the highest level reduced 7 percent.

Employees will also pay 20 to 33 percent more for health insurance.

Besides the pay cuts, the college will end matching retirement contributions.

The release stated that staff will be placed on furlough for two days on a rotating basis.

Other measures include reducing energy use, cutting nonessential phone lines and decreasing employee travel.

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