New lead laws have local stores pulling merchandise

A new lead law aimed at making toys safer for children is now affecting motorsports dealerships.  The law calls for toys to be lead-free, and holds both toy makers as well as toy sellers liable.  While it's not what you may consider a toy, it's still covered by the new law.

These days you won't find as many off road vehicles on display at Adam's Motorsports or dealerships like it.  "I don't understand why this is happening to us, " says Terry Adams owner of Adam's Motorsports.  Adams had to pull most of his youth products off the floor because of a new law that went into effect Tuesday.  It's supposed to protect children from dangerous levels of lead, but it's taking a bite out of Adam's business.  "Youth ATVs and youth motorcycles are very big.  We try to get kids started in this sport early and this takes our legs out from under us," says Adams.

Adams can't sell the bikes and ATVs until the manufacturers prove they're safe.  "Some of the brake components are going to have lead in them.  Also, the air valve in the tires is going to have a little bit of lead in it," explains Adams.

Scott Crews buys parts for his son's bikes at Adam's.  The Cruz family travels the southeast racing dirt bikes.  But, if something goes wrong with one of the bikes, he won't be able to fix it because Adam's can't sell him another bike or parts to fix the old one.  "We're not able to keep up the motorcycles we already have in the garage.  So, I have a $6,000 paper weight sitting there I can't keep running," says Cruz.  "Until they can get everything tested and spend millions to certify all of this stuff we can't sell it," says Adams.

The administration will be enforcement next year.  Meanwhile, manufacturers have to stop making toys containing lead and sellers have to prove their toys are clean.

Units affected by Consumer Product Act:


  • LT-Z50
  • LT-Z90
  • DR-Z70
  • DR-Z125
  • DR-Z125L
  • RM85
  • RM85L


  • KDX50
  • KFX50
  • KX60
  • KFX80
  • KX65
  • KFX90
  • KLX110


  • Any 50 or 90 ATV