Yellow Bluff Mayor to name transition team to help with Wilcox County economy

Yellow Bluff, AL., -- Yellow Bluff Mayor Glen McCord has called a noon press conference and has scheduled a Town Hall meeting. The press conference is to take place, Friday, February 20, 2009 at the Town Hall in Yellow Bluff. The purpose of the press conference is to announce a newly formed Transition Team. The Mayor has assembled the team to address the needs that have been created by the recent announcement that Weyerhaeuser and International Paper will soon close their production plants that are located in Yellow Bluff.

At five o'clock the same afternoon, Mayor McCord will address the residents of Yellow Bluff to formally introduce the Transition Team to them and to share his plans going forward.

The Mayor is a Civil Engineer, and although all of the Transition Team members have not been disclosed, it is believed that fellow engineer Fredrick Powell and the County's Emergency Management Director Joyce Williams will be part of the team. Responsible Living, a public relations firm that specializes in economic development and crisis management is expected be a part of the Mayor's new team as well.

The Mayor is slated to extend the support of the Town of Yellow Bluff to the ailing industries and to ask for the assistance of local, state and federal government with regards to the work force re-training and development that will be necessary in the town.

District 7 Congressman, Artur Davis met with the Mayor and other officials in Camden on Monday to discuss the shut down and to offer support and encouragement. The Mayor plans to meet with State Representative James Tomas of Alabama's 69th District this afternoon and will speak with Senator Hank Sanders of Alabama's 23rd District by phone as well.

The Mayor will tell his constituents that although the mill may come down, the Town of Yellow Bluff must come up. The Mayor and Transition team will be available to field questions at the 12:00 noon press conference and then again at the 5:00 p.m. Town Hall meeting. The meeting location is 80 Park Avenue, Yellow Bluff in the Town Hall Building.

Mayor McCord can be reached directly by phone at 334. 294.5618; by fax 334.682.4529 or by e-mail:

Yellow Bluff is one of only five (5) incorporated towns or cities in Wilcox County, Alabama.