East Ala. schools struggling to make ends meet

Lee County, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's been two months since the Governor announced proration. On Friday, WSFA 12 News learned most East Alabama school districts are leaning on their reserves to help get through proration.

Lee County Superintendent Dr. Steven Nowlin says, "if you don't have that reserve, you end up borrowing money, and when you do that, you have to end up paying it back in the near future."

There are two big pieces of news schools districts are waiting on.  First, if Governor Riley will empty the rest of the rainy day fund effectively cutting proration from 9 to 5.6%.

Then, the stimulus money comes into play.  These schools are hoping it will help them avoid layoffs before the next school year.

Lee County is in a strong position only having to dive into their reserve funds for $1 Million. But, for other school systems without a large reserve, the effects can be devastating.

Barbour County is just squeezing by, but they stress they have only cut supplies - not personnel.

The superintendents agree.  If the cuts keep coming, some school districts may not survive.