Jordan's see their new 'Extreme Makeover' home

Crowds yelled "Move that bus!" and the Jordans got the surprise of their life.
Crowds yelled "Move that bus!" and the Jordans got the surprise of their life.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It was hard work but after squeezing four months of work into a week, thousands of volunteers and construction workers stood back Monday to see the reaction they' would get from the Jordan family.

"A lot of people have worked hard for days to get this thing done. For nights, too," said Jake Aronov of Aronov Homes, which is partnering with ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. "Some people have come at two in the morning, worked until six, then go on to their regular jobs at eight."

It was a massive effort involving nearly 2,000 people. And it all came to an end Sunday night.

On Monday afternoon, the Jordan family arrived back from their weeklong trip to Disneyland, a well deserved vacation that doubled as a way to shield themy from the dramatic change that was coming to their doorsteps. Their one story home was demolished last week and, just as quickly, rebuilt as a blue, two story home with an adjoining garage.

As the big bus drove away to cheers of "Move that bus!" the family broke into celebration, jumping up and down in the street and hugging each other.

"We appreciate them for what they do in the community," said Project Manager Donnie Summerlin. "They make Montgomery a better place, and that's why they're getting what they're getting right now..."

The Jordans disappeared inside their new home for a tour as crowds on the street cheered them on. They spent the rest of the afternoon recording final takes with host Ty Pennington for the upcoming episode they'll be featured on.

"It's just amazing what they can do in just a few days, that they can have a home down and up for these people," said Vivian Hooper, who made the drive from Clanton to see the new home.

A news conference is set for Tuesday were the family and builders will talk to the media outside the home.

The Jordan episode should air on ABC sometime in mid-April.

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