Wiregrass Newsroom: Rehobeth High hoping to expand school to keep kids on campus

Rehobeth, AL (WSFA) -- Samantha Loff plays the flute at Rehobeth High School.

She has band class everyday--but not at Rehobeth High.

"Everyday we come over here in different cars," says Loff.

"Over here" means Rehobeth Middle School, and it's all because there's no music classroom at Rehobeth High.

Everyday around 1:15pm, roughly 200 students leave the high school campus and go to the elementary and middle school site for music classes and P.E.   And it's something administrators say is not only dangerous but costly to their education.

"We've got a safety issue because they're being transported or the parents are giving them permission to drive to those campuses.   Very dangerous," says Houston County Schools' Superintendent, Tim Pitchford.

"10-15 minutes in transition period for them driving down, getting parked and then of course walking over to the band room.   So, I lose about 20-25 minutes a day of my class time," says Rehobeth High School's Band Director, Marc McLendon.

That's why leaders are trying to approve a $25 million dollar bond issue to start building a music education room and sports facilities they hope would be finished in 2011.   Their first step came today as Houston county commissioners approved site work at the school.

A new room is something McLendon would love to see.

"Just the convenience issue for the kids sake and the safety issue of them not having to get in their cars and drive, it would relieve me, I think, a little bit.   I worry about the kids having to drive from the high school down here everyday."

And even though Samantha is graduating, she says a new room would be ideal.

"Even though I won't be in class with it, I'm excited."

They're band students who may someday have a new home a little closer to home.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney