Coosa County Teacher is a Class Act

"I like the satisfaction that I get when the kids catch on and they learn and they can go on on their own," says Ann Ezekiel, an English teacher at West Coosa School.

Breaking sentences into nouns, adjectives and verbs may not top the wish list of most students, but Ezekiel makes it appealing. Trey Parsons, a 7th grader says, "she'll try to really talk to them (students) a lot and make them like her and stuff like that."

Classmate Stormie Cleveland adds, "she really tells us what to do. She's not like 'just give it to us and let us do it'. I mean she works with us and if we have a question I feel really good about asking her, because I know she'll give me a definite answer or help me."

Every year Ezekiel sponsors the eighth grade trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. She also works with the Beta Club organizing its trip. Principal Jennifer Gill says, "she even takes them out of state a lot of times, maybe to Chattanooga or different places to let them see things that they wouldn't ordinarily have the opportunity to see."

To get students to work hard to master language skills, she shows how it will help in the future. "You have to explain to them how they're going to use this English, when they get out and try to get a job. If they can't write or can't communicate they aren't going to be successful," she says.

Ezekiel has been a teacher for 22 years. Away from school she chairs the Weogufka Beautification Committee and teaches bible school every summer.