Building Memories

Acquaintances come and go, but life long friends are tough to find.    Two men in Elmore County met 20 years ago, and they've shared a special bond ever since.  That relationship will be changing soon, but Jim Lee and Gee Eason will always be together.

The two Millbrook buddies built a covered bridge, an authentic grist mill, a log cabin, and an old chapel.   For them relaxation is getting on some heavy machinery, moving dirt, and building things.   But their projects are on hold and might be done for good.  Jim has been battling cancer for 3 years and doctors say he doesn't have much longer to live.

Jim Lee has no regrets and has done a lot in life.    But it's not the bridge or the chapel that really stands out, it's the friendships he's built with folks like Gee Eason that will last forever.  Check out their handy work in the story in our video player.