Vaughn Road Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Mrs. Catherine Hartley.   She teaches kindergarten at Vaughn Road Elementary School in Montgomery.    Mrs. Hartley has been in the classroom for 9 years and spent the last 4 years at Vaughn Road.

The parent who nominated Mrs. Hartley for the Class Act Award says she spends quality one on one time with every student, spends her own money on prizes for the class, and makes every kid  a priority.    Mrs. Hartley loves this age group.    "I love seeing my students learn to read,"  Hartley said.    "They're so sweet and energetic and ready to learn.   Ii have this age at home so I love it."      And when it comes to work in the classroom, they like to get their hands dirty.     "We do hands on stuff, very creative stuff and they have lots of fun."

Congratulations Mrs. Catherine Hartley from Vaughn Road Elementary School, you're this week's Class Act.