Governor Riley reacts to verdict in Schmitz case

MONTGOMERY, AL., -- Governor Bob Riley issued the following statement about the verdict returned today in the trial of Rep. Sue Schmitz:

"This trial pointed out exactly why double dipping must be banned. It proved that Montgomery insiders turned the state's two-year college system into a no-work jobs program for legislators. It proved that taxpayer dollars intended for educating students were instead used to bankroll a job for a well-connected legislator, a job for which she never showed up for work. It proved that those who ran the program feared reprimanding her precisely because she was a legislator who could use her influence in Montgomery to hurt them."

"This trial exposed an entrenched, systemic and corrupt power structure that needs to be destroyed, that must be destroyed, and that will only be destroyed if the Legislature will ban double dipping. Until then, all taxpayers are left to wonder how much of their hard-earned dollars that could have been used for education are instead being wasted on no-show jobs in a patronage cesspool."