Minutes from Montgomery Public School Board Meeting

Here are the unofficial notes from the Montgomery County Board of Education meeting Tuesday, February 24, 2009. The official minutes will be posted on the district website as they are approved.

The board recognized the accomplishments of Seth Johnson Elementary teacher Piper Adams and Lee High School administrative professional Tonda West as Montgomery Public Schools' Power Educator and Power Professional for the month of February. Forest Avenue Elementary Magnet teacher Jennifer Rodopoulos and Booker T. Washington High School teacher Yung Thi  Bui-Kincer were named Montgomery Public Schools' Teachers of the Year. The two will go on to represent the district in the Alabama Teacher of Year Program. The board also noted that February is Career Technical Education Month and recognized some of the outstanding programs in our schools. There have been a variety of activities planned at middle and high schools across the district to recognize the positive impact career tech programs have on students as they prepare for college, technical school and the workforce.

The board approved the personnel report, student expulsion report, finance report, and the first budget amendment of the fiscal year. The board also approved a change to the Reduction in Force Policy - GBKN - which designates seniority as the deciding factor when two or more tenured certificated employees are vying for the same job. If the person getting the position is not highly qualified, he or she has one year to complete that process.

The board also invoked a reduction in force for the district. As a result, in coming weeks a number of positions could be eliminated to reduce spending and address the budget problems of proration and the reduction in local revenue.

All non-tenured teachers will be non-renewed. Many of them will be rehired as the district is able to assess the number of teachers that can be supported by the 2010 budget.

The next meeting dates are March 10 at 5:00 p.m. (Committee of the Whole) and March 24 at 6:00 p.m. (regularly scheduled meeting) in the auditorium of the Central Office, 307 South Decatur Street.

These is a news release from Montgomery Public Schools.