The big switch and preparing for severe weather

When severe weather strikes, sometimes the power goes out.  That's when many people reach for their small, battery powered analog television sets.  But, after the big switch the old analog portables won't work by themselves.

"One or two vendors are making small seven inch portable televisions that are battery powered and have the news ATSC tuners in them, digital tuners," explain WSFA 12 News Chief Engineer Morris Pollock.  They are pricey a little more than a hundred dollars adn there's a small glitch.  "Those are not widely available right now," says Pollock.

After checking several electronic stores for these digital portable tv's, we're told they aren't yet in stock and shopping online is your best bet.  There is another option.   You can get a mobile power source also costing around a hundred dollars.  "They can use this to power their converter box and the tv if they wish or they can use it just to power the converter box," says Pollock.

Also you could plug any digital tv into the portable power supply, but larger tv's won't run as long as the smaller portable sets.

The mobile power devices can be found at any home improvement store.  Some models even include jumper cables and flashlights.