Several Alabama Congressmen respond to President Obama's address

WASHINGTON, D.C., -- Several Alabama Congressman released statements following President Obama's address to Congress.

Here are the statements released by Alabama Congressmen Davis, Bright and Bachus.

Congreeman Artur Davis:

"President Obama reminded us that our country's values and ideals are powerful enough to overcome any crisis. He also made the case that government can work if it is run responsibly and with a sense of purpose. All of us, regardless of party, ought to root for his success because at this point, it is linked to our country's success."

Congressman Bobby Bright:

"President Obama delivered a strong and honest speech to Congress and the American people tonight. Few presidents have entered office at a time when the country is facing as many challenges as it does now. We face serious short term economic problems that threaten the long term health of the country. Though I won't always agree with the President on policy, I do believe he is sincere, thoughtful, and willing to listen to all ideas in order to get America through this crisis.

"I was particularly impressed with his commitment to restoring the fiscal health of our nation by reinstating statutory pay-go budget rules and reducing the deficit by half within his first term.  We cannot continue down the same reckless path of increased debt and unbalanced budgets that will only mortgage our children's future.

"When I met with President Obama several weeks ago at the White House, he assured me and my Blue Dog colleagues that he shared our concerns about the fiscal stability of our country. He delivered a similar message tonight to both Congress and the American people. I look forward to working with him on restoring the fiscal health of our country."

Congressman Spencer Bachus:

"We do need policies that will create jobs and help families struggling to make ends meet in these times of economic uncertainty. However, more government spending and borrowing isn't the answer. Taxpayers can't afford it and government has never solved a problem by throwing more money at it."