ALGOP Chairman releases statement on Sue Schmitz verdict

BIRMINGHAM, AL., -- Rep. Mike Hubbard (R - Auburn), Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, issued the following statement in response to guilty verdicts on seven fraud charges in the federal trial of Rep. Sue Schmitz (D - Toney). Schmitz was found guilty on charges related to accepting more the $177,000 in salary from a federally-funded job in the two-year college system for which she did little or no documented work:

"This verdict is further evidence that the waste, fraud and abuse running rampant in our two-year college system for so long is finally being decisively addressed. The two-year college system is meant to prepare Alabama's next generation of workers for jobs in the 21st Century economy and not as a haven of bogus jobs and suspect salary supplements for corrupt politicians.

Prosecutors should continue turning over every rock and exposing every shady deal in the two-year college probe so that taxpayers may finally rest assured the dollars they send to Montgomery are no longer being abused. As legislators continue to fall like dominoes, I am even more convinced that double-dipping by public officials breeds corruption and promotes fraud, and it must be stopped immediately."