Guest Editorial: Personal Responsibility

One common theme of President Barack Obama's campaign was, "yes we can, yes we

will." And America did.  Not only did we as a country elect our first African American

President, but by doing so, we made the dreams of many come true who thought they

would never live to see this day.

Now that President Obama has been in office just over 30 days, what will we do to show

"yes we can" and "yes we will?"  We would be remiss if we don't add, "YES WE MUST."

We MUST step up to the plate when it comes to taking responsibility for our

children...Men, YOU MUST stop just walking away from your babies, if you care

enough to lay down with a woman and have a child, then YOU MUST care enough to teach

that child...Women, YOU MUST stop blaming everyone else for what has gone

wrong in your life, remember, the outcome is the direct result of choices you have

made...nobody caused your problems so, don't be angry at the world for your bad

decisions. Yes, WE MUST take responsibility for what we don't have in our lives, in our

homes, and in our communities.  Our mantra must now be "YES, WE MUST."

Barbara Mays