Pintlala residents hope and pray for school

Pintlala, AL (WSFA) -- It's an emotional day for Cheri Weekley.

For the Weekley's, losing Pintlala would mean losing a part of their lives.

"One of my favorite things is that it has a lot of people in it. And it has great food, great teachers," says Pintlala student, Isabella Weekley.

That's why hundreds of parents, students, local officials and school supporters packed the pews of Pintlala Baptist Church today.

They lifted up prayers--hoping God will save their school and reverse the Montgomery Public School board's decision to close Pintlala and Hayneville Road Elementary schools. It's an effort students think may just work.

"I think if they do a lot of meetings like this, yes, I think it will stay open," says Pintlala student, Kory Kiernan.

Support for the school stretches throughout the community. Many signs around town display one message--"save Pintlala school."

It's the community Principal Rod Sellers says is helping him make it through each day.

"I've been here for two years and I've already gotten to know so many people here. But they'll turn out for anything if you ask them. And that's part of the charm and beauty of this community. It's what they do."

It's a community resting on faith--waiting to see what happens next.

"I think that they just don't need to close this school, it's a really good school," says Kiernan.

A feeling shared by many.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney