Wiregrass Newsroom: City reflects on two year anniversary of deadly tornado

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) -- Snow falls on what was once Enterprise High School.  As loved ones pay tribute to lives lost, the snow is a gentle reminder of a fierce storm.  And for one family, the memory that is March 1st, 2007 hits close to home.

"There's still a lot of shock from that day," says Enterprise student, Leanne Rainer.

Leanne and her father, Rick Rainer, have close ties to Enterprise High. Leanne is a student, and Rick is the principal.  Both were at the school when the tornado struck.  Both are trying to move forward.

"Enterprise High School is where we are. It's not just bricks and mortar. It's us.  And we've taken that with us," says Rick Rainer.

"With the time that's passed, things have gotten easier, but also things have gotten harder. You don't ever want to forget any time you had with your friend before you lost them, and it can be frustrating trying to remember things and there's a lot of fear in the fact that you might lose those memories," says Leanne.

But memories are what the City of Enterprise is clinging to--vowing to never forget what happened, and allowing this tragedy to change them.

"It causes me to have to grow up a lot faster, and realize things and face things that most people don't have to face--ever. It made me appreciate my family, it made me appreciate my friends and my teachers and the fact of having a school," says Leanne.

That change is something Ashton Cutts never expected.

"People ask sometimes, 'is it normal now?' I really don't think you can ever be normal after something like that. When you lose somebody you don't have normal anymore."

But through it all, this community is coming together by remembering the past and being ready for the future.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney