Montgomery residents enjoy rare snowfall

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) -- It was a weather event with an intensity no one expected.

Slick roads made for a hazardous Sunday morning commute.

"It's kind of crazy right now. A lot of people down South aren't used to this kind of weather," remarked Charles Robinson of Montgomery.

Many families put Sunday plans on hold to stay off the roads, but staying at home provided an opportunity to cause a little seasonal mischief.

Kids and adults alike celebrated the wintry conditions and took advantage of every last second in the snow.

"I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina," explained Montgomery resident Carl Bailey.   "I'm the only one with enough experience to make a snowman."

"It's mostly the most snow we've gotten, so I'm actually very happy about that today," said Michael Quattlebaum, a young boy using the winter weather for a snowball fight.

Though the trace amounts of snow, quickly melted away, but residents say they'll cherish the time they had.

"I love seeing this.  It might be just a freak of nature, but I love it, though," Robinson said.