Goat Milk into Soap

Goat milk into soap.   It can happen if you know what you're doing.  Thankfully Patsie Demo in Snowdoun is a pro because she didn't get much help from me.

Patsie has more than 100 goats, most of them are meat goats, but a few years ago she got some dairy goats too.   "They're addictive and I love them," Demo said.  When the mom's milk started piling up she got an idea, making soap with the leftovers.

On this day she had a guest milker, that would be me.   Little Bit the goat got a little bit more than she bargained for.   I finally squeezed about a shot glass worth of milk out of her and we moved inside to make some soap.   You can watch the story in the video player to see how I almost got drop kicked across the roam!

Making the soap truly is a science.  We mixed up lard, several kinds of oils, our goat milk and some lye, and then added my fragrance of choice, Jamaica Me Crazy.   We poured the soap into a hand made box.   It has to sit for 24-48 hours, then they cut the soap and let it sit for about a month until the PH level gets just right.    And she's not in it for the profit.   "Are you kidding me?   I giveaway more than I sell."

You could help her out and by some DeVillery Goat soap.    You can find her products at the Gray Rabbit in Hope Hull and the Memories Antique Flea Market in Prattville.

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