The fast food diet

Has your New Year's resolution to lose weight gotten off track?

If it has, you might be interested in what one man has to say about shedding unwanted pounds.

His secret: eating at fast food restaurants.

"I dieted myself to about 400 pounds. You know, you lose, you gain, and I suddenly realized I had to have a life change," explained Adam Clatsoff.

The life change for Clatsoff was turning to fast food for most of his meals.

"I realized you can walk into a fast food restaurant and you do not have to order a 1600 calorie meal," he said.

Clatsoff says over a two year period, he lost more than 100 pounds.

His new book, '101 Reasons Why You Should Eat Fast Food' shares humorous tips.

"My personal family doctor at first, he too struggles with his weight, thought I was crazy and then he saw me losing weight, blood pressure dropping, my sugar levels dropping, cholesterol dropping," Clatsoff chuckled

He says the key is ordering healthier choices  at fast food restaurants.

He eats at several fast food restaurants, including McDonald's and Wendy's.

"I see patients in my practice that when I talk to them about diet, fast food, fast food, fast food. My answer to them is ok, if you go to a fast food restaurant, try to choose the grilled foods get salads instead of french fries," said family physician Dr. Scott Friedberg.

"A lot of the fast food restaurants have healthier choices they have grilled instead of fried, they have salad. A lot of the kids' meals have fruits instead of french fries."