AU grad goes to EBAY for job search

Steven Dixon is searching Ebay for a potential employer
Steven Dixon is searching Ebay for a potential employer

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - A quick browse though the thousands of listings on Ebay and you'll come across a treasure trove of knickknacks. There are old root beer mugs, rare coins, car parts, Barack Obama pins of all shapes and sizes and one job resume.

The job resume belongs to a recent Auburn University graduate named Steven Dixon, who is learning just how difficult life can be beyond college.

Nearly three months after receiving his degree in communications Dixon hasn't had any callbacks after mailing his resume and visiting potential employers.

He'd like to do something in public relations, and his way of attracting potential employers is something he thinks is creative.

"I was just thinking to myself, 'what can I do that's different, something that other people are not doing right now,'" he says.

After uploading his resume to the heavily-trafficked website rejection has turned to hope.

The listing has garnered more than two dozen hits since Friday but no word on who is looking at it. Regardless, it's the least he could do considering the economy.

Meantime, Dixon has found a substitute teacher position at Auburn High School where he makes $60 any day he's on the job.

It's not necessarily what he wants to do but it will have to do for the now.

And while there haven't been any calls on the Ebay listing as of yet, Dixon says he's not giving up hope.