Editorial: Volunteer Support

Imagine what we could do as a community to take back our neighborhoods dealing with inadequate housing.

Montgomerians by the thousands recently volunteered their time and talent to rebuild a home for a family chosen by the producers of the Extreme Home Makeover television program.

Rebuilding a home here near St. Jude destroyed by fire caused by faulty electrical wiring didn't even make the final five of the homes they considered for a rebuild.

The need is great - particularly in some of these neighborhoods in the west Montgomery area.

We applaud Common Ground Ministries, who have bought and renovated homes here and are working with community members to make these houses real homes for people.

We encourage all involved in the volunteer effort with Extreme Home Makeover to sustain their enthusiasm and others to join them in helping additional families.

Common Ground Ministries is one ministry helping to take back our neighborhoods.

Some church pastors in the region are also helping in housing efforts.

Our community is a better place for all of the selfless giving by so many.