State surplus auction set for Wednesday

MONTGOMERY- Imagine the World's Longest Yard Sale under one roof, and you might get an idea of the state Surplus Property auction.

The auction is being held Wednesday, March 4 at the state Surplus Property warehouse, 4401 North Blvd. in Montgomery. The auction will be 8 a.m. until the last item is auctioned.

Unlike the World's Longest Yard Sale, which is conducted annually from Alabama to Ohio, all of the items are housed in the warehouse and an adjoining outdoor area.

Items up for auction include automobiles, boats, lawn equipment, medical equipment, computers and electronics, and kitchen and office supplies. Thousands of smaller items will be auctioned in bulk or lots. There are a total of 638 lots available.

In addition to property no longer used by state and federal agencies and military bases, the Alabama Surplus Property Division acquires some unclaimed property from airports in the Southeast.

A picture ID and Social Security number or federal employee ID are necessary to qualify as a bidder.

Surplused items are available throughout the year to municipal and county government, other state agencies and qualified non-profit agencies.

Additional information also is available by calling (334) 277-5866.