Wallace's daughter to appear at Selma bridge crossing

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - Peggy Wallace Kennedy, daughter of former Alabama Governor George Wallace, will attend Selma's Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

"I am pleased that Peggy Wallace Kennedy has agreed to participate in the commemorative events in Selma this weekend, by introducing Attorney General Holder at the service at Brown Chapel AME Church," said Congressman Artur Davis. "I invited Ms. Kennedy to speak because I was so moved by the power of the words she wrote after the election describing both her father's legacy and his evolution on race." said Davis.

Holder is the first African-American Attorney General.

Thousands of people will attend the event, which ends with a Bloody Sunday re-enactment.

Blood Sunday occured when Civil Rights marchers were beaten as they marched from Selma to to Montgomery in 1965.