Dilworth interviews for job in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

MONTGOMERY, AL., (WSFA) -- We are still waiting to learn if Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent John Dilworth will leave Alabama for Louisiana. Dilworth is one of two finalists for East Baton Rouge Parish Superintendent. The school board there remained in executive session until after 9 p.m. Wednesday night, but came out without making a decision.

Superintendent John Dilworth arrived in Baton Rouge for his first face to face meeting with school administrators and board members.  While there he toured four schools in the parish.  During his interview, he was direct and to the point.  "You work so hard and you wait for these test scores to come out, and you hold your breath and if you fall five points short, and you made all this growth and you're two points short, you consider it a failure.  Please give me a break," said Dilworth.

Back in Alabama, Montgomery County school board members are waiting for a decision.  Despite the fact the Dilworth is one of two remaining candidates for the job in his home state, Montgomery Board Chairman Beverly Ross says she is hopeful Dilworth will stay.

Baton Rouge board members may come to Montgomery before making a decision.  Friday, members from the Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce met with the school board here.  Beverly Ross tells WSFA 12 News she would answer their questions, but then to get out of town and leave their superintendent alone.

The Montgomery County School Board has offered Dilworth a contract extension and businesses offered $150,000 cash incentive, hoping to keep him here.

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