Michael Briddell hoping to win voters for mayoral race

Montgomery, AL (WSFA) -- With Montgomery's mayoral election less than a week away, Michael Briddell is doing what he can to win over the voters.

"We're trying to make sure that we meet as many people as possible face-to-face, that we get our message out there," says Briddell.

Briddell is one of six men running for the highest office in the city.  He says he's the only one with the right resume.

"We're the only candidate in the race that has hands-on experience with the day-to-day affairs of the city."

As former Mayor Bobby Bright's Executive Assistant, Briddell says the job gives him exactly what he needs to succeed.

"He relied on me heavily to help guide the course of the city. No one else can say that. I know all the curves and pitfalls that can trip a mayor up and I'm equipped to handle them and ensure we remain on the path of progress."

And it's Bright's support that Briddell believes is key for the race.

"He's a very popular figure, he did a great job running the city for the past nine years. I'm hopeful that a lot of people will say, "well, gosh, if this is who Congressman Bright is endorsing, then maybe he's worth my consideration as well.'"

Briddell says if elected he hopes to tackle key issues like the 2010 budget, making sure Montgomery is business-friendly, and working closer with the county school system to ensure quality education.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney