Dilworth not commenting on job interview

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent John Dilworth and Dr. Bonita Coleman-Potter are the two finalist to become the top educator in East Baton Rouge.  East Baton Rouge School Board President Jerry Arbour spoke with WSFA 12 News by phone and outlined what he considers each candidate's strong points.

Arbour said Dr. Coleman-Potter has solid instructional experience, served at the state level and the ability to form positive relationships with teachers and principals.

He adds, the deputy superintendent of instruction in Jackson, Mississippi has never been a superintendent and has no ties to Louisiana, as Dilworth does. He served in the public school system there for more than 25 years. Arbour said the board is also looking for someone to develop a close relationship with the business community and Dilworth has a track record of doing just that.  However, Arbour says, at this point, neither candidate has the upper hand.

The board hopes to get to dig a little deeper into the candidates' backgrounds. Next week, they plan to visit Montgomery and Jackson.  They hope to make a decision by the following Tuesday.

WSFA's sister station WAFF caught up with John Dilworth at a conference in Huntsville Thursday night, but he refused to comment on the situation.