Controversial pastor speaks in Selma

SELMA, Ala. (WSFA) -- Call it an upbeat yet intriguing start to this year's Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

A man well known for his role and his remarks during the last presidential campaign spoke in Selma Thursday night.

Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright addressed a packed house at Tabernacle Baptist Church.

It's a highly publicized event, but because of "contractual obligations," according to Wright's lawyers, WSFA 12 News cannot bring you video or sound from his address.

In his sermon, Wright spoke of younger generations and remembering a difficult past in a changing world.

"It's history for [children] to learn about the past and to experience, and to learn about what went on here.  And to keep the generations aware of what their history was about," said Valerie Ridgeway-Walters of Selma.

"He's a man who speaks the truth, and if you're not afraid of the truth, then you can accept what's being said," said Carolyn Robinson, also of Selma.

Asked about any controversy between Wright and President Obama, residents say it's time to move forward.

"They done moved on.  They done forgave each other.  I'm sure they've got great ties, you know.  [Obama] meant a lot to Rev. Wright and Rev. Wright meant a lot to him, because of what had happened in the past.  So, I'm sure they reconciled. They definitely made up," said Lorenzo Simmons of Selma.

Local leaders even gave wright a key to the city, a token of thanks for his presence at the start of such an important weekend.

After an invigorating and exciting sermon, residents and visitors alike say they're ready to properly start this year's Bridge Crossing Jubilee.