Governor Riley comments on introduction of Far-Reaching Gambling Bill

MONTGOMERY, AL., -- Governor Bob Riley issued the following statement on Thursday concerning the introduction of a far-reaching gambling bill in the Legislature, SB 471 in the Senate and HB 676 in the House:

"If supporters of this bill really believe gambling is so good for Alabama, then why does their bill say it will restrict gambling? It's because deep down they know the truth: gambling might make casino operators into multi-millionaires, but it hurts people, families and our communities.  It brings with it more misery, more crime and more corruption.  Alabamians know this and that's why every time all the people have had a chance to vote on gambling, they've rejected it.

"We will spend more than $12 billion in state and federal money on education in Alabama this year.  This proposal would bring in less than one percent of that amount.  For less than one percent, I don't believe we should allow more crime, misery and corruption into Alabama."