11th Circuit Court issues decision concerning Siegelman appeal

Siegelman responds to the 11th Circuit Court's ruling. (Courtesy: WBRC-TV)
Siegelman responds to the 11th Circuit Court's ruling. (Courtesy: WBRC-TV)

MONTGOMERY, AL., (WSFA) - The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has returned a verdict in the appeals of former Governor Don Siegelman and former Health South CEO Richard Scrushy.

The 11th Circuit issued it's opinion in which it upheld five of the seven guilty counts against former Governor Don Siegelman.

Siegelman issued the following response:

The three judge panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled. While they threw out two counts of my politically-motivated prosecution and conviction, they upheld several others and have sent the case back to the district court for re-sentencing.

The court upheld the Bribery, Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice and two of the four Mail Fraud counts against him. You may remember the jury found Siegelman guilty of a Quid-Pro-Quo in which he promised former Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy a seat on a hospital regulatory board for a campaign contribution. We are told it may be a while before Siegelman goes back to prison.

Because the 11th Circuit dropped two of the Mail Fraud charges against him, Siegelman has to have another sentencing hearing before Federal Judge Mark Fuller. No date has been set for that. His attorney, Vince Kilborn tells WSFA 12 News that Siegelman will remain free until his final appeal is made and he said we're a long way away from that.

As for Richard Scrushy, the 11th Circuit affirmed all of the charges against him and he continues to serve out his term. Right now he's in prison in Beaumont, Texas.

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