Man's dog becomes scam target

Brian Hammond, of Plattsburgh, was pretty surprised when he took a closer look at some mail he recently received.

Hammond received two letters.

One, from Australia, claimed he'd won a lottery.

The other, from Canada, contained a check for more than $3,000.

Hammond said he figured both pieces of mail were a scam, and he became even more certain when he realized that both were addressed to his pet dog, a Tibetan Terrier named Phantom.

Hammond said he often uses Phantom's name instead of his own when he fills out questionnaires.

"I've had phone calls from banks wanting to open up credit cards in the dog's name.

They've actually asked for Phantom Hammond. We just kind of get a chuckle out of that," Hammond said.

Hammond took the check to the bank, and confirmed both check and letter were indeed scams.

Police do keep track of these types of scams, so if you receive a letter or check like these in the mail, contact your local police department.