Guest Editorial: Domestic Violence

Recently the news media has been filled with information on the possible Domestic Violence case between Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Domestic Violence cannot be taken lightly. It cannot be ignored by speculating on "who did something wrong". It is an issue that MUST be examined for the deeper meaning behind it.

Eighteen years ago I was a victim of Domestic Violence from a male friend, who broke into two apartments, slashed my tires, trashed my gas tank and keyed two cars.

I was also beaten on one occasion, all of which led me to file charges with the Police Department. I survived because I got OUT of the situation! Getting out is not easy unless the individual WANTS to get out and get help.

My mother used to say "A man or a woman does not love you if they have to hit you to prove the point"! To my brothers and sisters of all colors, If you are in a situation that involves DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, it's time to walk out of the door and get help, not only for you but your family, because it affects EVERYONE.

I'm Rose McCall