Wiregrass Newsroom: Local park slowly being renovated

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Two year old Christian Ward and his mom, Jennifer, visit Solomon Park every week. She knows it well.

"I can remember playing in this park since I was five years old," says Jennifer.

She wants Christian to have the same memory.

"I'd just love to see it stay around for a long time."

Jennifer's not the only one who loves the park. But what used to be a jewel in the city is seeing its fair share of problems like trash, loud noise at night and parking issues. That's why nearby residents are working with the city to slowly but surely clean up and crack down.

"Our whole reason for wanting to do something for the park is a safety issue--safety for the children that are in the park, or anyone that's in the park, and safety for the neighborhood," says nearby resident, Nelda Northcutt.

Northcutt is part of a committee of nearby homeowners working with the city to address the problems seen at the park.  City officials have recently beefed up security and placed signs around the park indicating rules--just some of the ways they're making the park a better place to be.

While residents say they're appreciative of the city's efforts, there's still one thing they hope to accomplish.

"We've been concerned about the equipment because it is antiquated, it is past its prime. And we're asking the city to please take it down and put something smaller in here," says Northcutt.

It's a request city leaders are already working on.

"Once we get the old playground equipment out, we will look at the area where we removed it to consider whether or not we need to put it back there, or whether we need to put it somewhere else in the park," says Dothan Leisure Services Director, Elston Jones.

Residents and officials say working side-by-side has made addressing the park's needs easier.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney