How not to own a radio station

Gang units with Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested two men they said were illegally broadcasting a gang-promoting radio show on Friday.

Police said 20-year-old Balthazard Senat's pirate radio station had illegally tapped into 91.3 FM.

DJs behind the microphone had their own rules and regulations as they broadcasted from a rented bedroom.

The radio station's "Street Heat" broadcast could be heard anywhere in Orange County.

Police said Senat had been cursing and using derogatory language on the air for about three months.

"There are no sentences in this stuff that they're putting out that didn't have vulgar language, didn't have some demeaning language towards women, towards people," said Sgt. Mike Gibson.

Gibson said the radio show covered "where to buy drugs, where to buy prostitutes and what gang to be a member of."

One listener wasn't a fan and helped shut the station down by calling authorities.

Detectives worked with the Federal Communications Commission to track down the home.

"Violence toward women, just a very violent form of entertainment that we don't need in this area and these kids don't need to hear it," Gibson said.

The FCC monitored the airwaves and spotted a cable and antenna in a tree leading right into the home.

Inside, investigators found Senat smoking marijuana while on the air.

He and DJ Christopher Robert Roth were both arrested and charged with unauthorized transmission and possession with the intent to deliver marijuana.

"They're promoting violence," Gibson said. "When you promote violence, the robberies go up, the homicides go up, people become victims of crimes."