Charles Henderson HS Teacher a Class Act

He's in control and there's no doubt.  Sgt. Major Anthony Johnson from Charles Henderson High School in Troy is this week's Class Act.    He's a teacher in the ROTC program.     "I love my job, I get here early and hate to leave at night,"  Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson is teaching these kids about conflict resolution, effective communication, and the importance of community service.     "It's our job to motivate young people to become better citizens."

The person who nominated Mr. Johnson for this award says he believes in his students when nobody else will give them a chance, and he knows every student is different.   "I try to contact the kids based on where they are in life.    If they're from a single family home, I'll try to be their mom or dad when they're here."   And when these young men and women leave the classroom, what does he hope they'll say about him?    "I hope they say he was a tough son of a gun, but fair."

Sgt. Major Anthony Johnson from Charles Henderson HS in Troy, you're this week's Class Act.