Names of victims in the south AL shooting

Believed to be the body found at the fire in her home:
Lisa White McLendon, 52, McLendon's mother

Shot and killed in Samson:
Corrine Gracy Myers, 18 months, the daughter of Geneva County Deputy Josh Myers
Andrea D. Myers, 31, mother of the 18-month-old and wife of Deputy Myers
James Alford White, 55, identified as McLendon's uncle
Tracy Michelle Wise, 34, identified as McLendon's cousin
Dean James Wise, 15, identified as Ms. Wise's son and McLendon's second cousin
Virginia E. White, 74, identified as McLendon's grandmother
James Irvin Starling, 24, pedestrian
Jeffrey Lynn Nelson, 50, pedestrian
Sonja Smith, 43, pedestrian

Injured in Samson:
4-month-old Ella K. Myers, the daughter of Deputy Myers
Greg McCullough, 49

Shot and killed on Highway 52 between Samson and Geneva:
Bruce Wilson Malloy, 51

Injured on Highway 52:
Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey

Michael Kenneth McLendon, 28, of Coffee County then shot and killed himself in Geneva.